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What My Money Managed Can Do For You

  • First of all we will carry out an assessment of your business based on the information you provide us.
  • If desired we will fulfill all your book keeping requirements
  • Then we will prepare a Money plan for you and for your business. In other words we prepare a budget, one for your Business and one for you based on your add back (Non deductable expense ) from the business Income
  • Second of all we design and construct a Chart of Account which conforms to your business in order to create maximum deductions, based on all your business activities
  • Third, we restructure your Trustee’s activities to minimise your Tax and set up income distribution strategies
  • The most important thing is your liquidity and your ability to service tax deductable projects (properties and your new business profile)
  • This reformatting of your income structure not only will be beneficial to you for many years to come, but will have a compounding effect in multiplying your wealth without out any tax worries.
  • All expenses incurred on these projects for upkeep and improvements will be 100% deductable.
  • As the value of the projects increases so does your wealth, locked up in brick and mortar
  • Call it your wealth fund if you like, you can borrow against it and acquire more projects offsetting one against other.
  • We will structure the serviceability of these Projects from your disposable income. This income without this would be taxable
  • One thing is assured when you hire the services of a financial counsellor the restructuring enables to source funds to pay for the services, which normally would have been paid to the ATO as tax.
  • To initiate your future prospect on solid foundation re-structuring is absolutely mandatory in order for you to progress and have a secure future
  • We think ahead and we think BIG

Think BIG